GRANOTONE Venezia Metallica Colors Kit - 10 Vibrant Water-Based, Non-Toxic Shades with Shimmering Effect, 15ml Each - Perfect for Artists & Crafters

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  • Discover Unrivaled Brilliance: Step into a world where your art outshines the ordinary with the Granotone Venezia Metallica Colors Kit. Each of the 10 water-based shades is infused with a shimmering essence, ensuring your projects gleam with unparalleled radiance. Perfect for artists and crafters seeking to elevate their work with metallic finishes that captivate and inspire.
  • Safety Meets Quality: Craft without compromise. Our Venezia Metallica Colors are formulated with non-toxic ingredients, making them a safe choice for creators of all ages. Experience peace of mind knowing your health and well-being are protected, while your art benefits from high-quality, vibrant pigments designed to last.
  • Versatile Creativity Unleashed: Whether you're adorning canvas, paper, wood, or fabric, these versatile metallic shades adapt seamlessly. The Venezia Metallica Colors Kit opens a gateway to endless creative possibilities, from scrapbooking and mixed media to home decor and beyond, ensuring every surface becomes a canvas for your imagination.
  • A Symphony of Color: Each 15ml bottle in this exquisite collection has been carefully curated to offer a diverse range of metallic hues. From deep, rich golds to ethereal silvers, the Granotone Venezia Kit provides artists and crafters with the perfect palette to express their creativity, ensuring every project is as unique as its creator.
  • The Gift of Creativity: Searching for the perfect gift for the artist or crafter in your life? The Granotone Venezia Metallica Colors Kit, with its blend of safety, quality, and versatility, is an inspiring choice that encourages artistic exploration. Gift a world of shimmering possibilities and watch as they create masterpieces that sparkle with creativity.

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