Roller Grade Speaker Cabinet Texture Coating Paint { Black } 5 KG

Rs. 3,250 Rs. 4,500

Tax included.

GRANOTONE water-based speaker paint has been specially developed as an easy to apply, high solids coating which dries to a tough, durable finish with high build texture and high sheen. It is usually applied by roller on the outer surface of industrial speakers & flight cases. As the product is self-manufactured that we do not use any raw material which contains VOC's . The paint is thixotropic and has excellent adhesion to birch plywood, MDF and wood, and other substrates including metal, and it is also a self-crosslinking product giving excellent water resistance when dry as it has rapid drying properties. In the event of unforeseen damage to cabinets, the coating is very easy to touch up and can be recoated when needed. The package contains only paint.
  • Color: Black
  • Quantity : 5 kg
  • Material: Water Based Pu Resin
  • Creates a scratch and weather-resistant finish
  • The safe, non-toxic formula that dries in 3 hours



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