Acrylic Venezia Metallic - 200 ml (Orange)

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Granotone Venezia Metallica colors are the first choice when it comes to choosing a metallic paint for a do-it-yourself art and craft project to a large architectural specification

UNPARALLELED ACRYLIC METALLIC PAINT EXPERIENCE: Dive into GRANOTONE Venezia Metallic Colours and explore a range of shimmering and vibrant shades, uniquely crafted for both budding and experienced artists who crave a premium touch in their artwork.

LUSTROUS METALLIC SHINE: Elevate your artwork with the enduring brilliance and non-fading gleam of our acrylic paint. Its metallic finish imparts a sense of luxury, ensuring each creation radiates with lasting intensity and elegance.

VERSATILITY AT ITS BEST: From the pearlescent effects of miniature paint projects to the iridescent magic on ceramics, this acrylic paint is adaptable for multiple surfaces including glass, models, and even as a metallic watercolor, offering artists a palette without boundaries.

SAFETY AND CREATIVITY HAND-IN-HAND: Prioritizing the well-being of our users, this non-toxic metallic acrylic paint is perfect for children, artists, and beginners alike, ensuring every stroke is free from harm while not compromising on quality.

EXPAND YOUR ARTISTIC HORIZONS: Whether you're diving into the world of acrylic pour painting, airbrushing, or crafting, the GRANOTONE Venezia Metallic Colour is your trusted companion, promising a finish that captures the essence of your imagination.

DESIGNED FOR EVERY ARTIST'S NEED: Perfectly packaged in a 200ml container, this acrylic paint ensures easy storage and accessibility, complementing professional-grade painting supplies for artists at every level, turning every canvas into a masterpiece.

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