Acrylic Gesso (Black) Water Base Non-Toxic Universal Gesso Primer to Apply as an Undercoat Before Painting for Extra Coverage

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Granotone acrylic gesso is prepared using a water-based formula which makes it easier to use and apply. Once applied, it offers you an absorbent and solid surface to work. Granotone gesso contains high-quality acrylic resin with a good level of pigment strength. The right amount of content makes this premier easy to use and dries swiftly after application.
  • GRANOTONE ARTISTS ACRYLIC GESSO: This paint primer provides an excellent surface preparation for acrylic painting. By using this gesso, you can expertly prepare your canvases and painting surfaces for acrylic paint by setting a primary base layer of white gesso. It must be applied on a clean, non-greasy surface. Our paint primer not only smooths out surfaces but is sure to make your colors pop!
  • GOOD QUALITY PRIMER PAINT: Each bottle of water base white gesso painting medium is smooth and non-toxic, allowing you to use it for a wide variety of crafts and projects. This water-based gesso has a thick consistency, and it gets permanent after drying and the film is strong and flexible to deformation.
  • LONG-LASTING GESSO FOR ACRYLIC PAINTING: After using GRANOTONE gesso canvas primer, you can expand your creative imagination with further embellishment! The piece of art which is created by using a non-yellowing white primer will last for a long time in perfect condition. Once you have used this tool, you will get smooth, extremely flexible, and highly pigmented superior coverage in one coat.
  • IDEAL FOR BEGINNER AND PROFESSIONAL ARTIST: Our acrylic gesso primer is ideal for beginners, professional artists, or those who just love to paint. Apply it on most surfaces, for example, canvas, cardboard, paper, wood, plaster, MDF, for further painting.
  • DIRECTIONS TO USE: Apply gesso acrylic medium directly onto the surface with a clean flat brush in a crisscross pattern or one direction. Apply with a roller or paintbrush to a clean, non-greasy surface. This bottle of white primer paint contains 200ml of white gesso, ensuring you have more than enough for multiple arts and craft projects.

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