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Granotone venetian Plaster is a water borne coating based on slaked lime and mineral coatings, highly breathable and ready to use, for interiors and exteriors, it allows to obtain glossy and smooth finishes. This product has great filling and self-leveling capacities, it guarantees the best resistance characteristics workability, together with the traditional and natural properties of breathability, low retention of dirt and resistance to the attack of mold and bacteria. 


All surfaces must be carefully prepared by manual cleaning or mechanical brushing. Remove previous paints that are not well anchored, or any kind of residual dirt and mold. If the wall is new make sure it is aged for at least 4 weeks. If the wall is very old and gives out powder at the time of rubbing, repeat a coat of putty to get an even surface. Always apply on a dry wall. 

 Application of the Primer: Apply Stucco Primer diluted 20-30% with water with a short-haired roller in two coats in white or the same color as the final decorative. 

 Application of GRANOTONE VENETIAN PLASTER by stainless steel trowel: For best results apply three coats of Granotone venetian Plaster spaced 8-10 hours apart one from the other. Apply the first and second coat using a smooth stainless-steel trowel so as to obtain a perfect surface that is absorbent but not polished, bringing the surface to an optimal stage before the final coat. In the third coat apply Granotone venetian Plaster overlapping the trowel strokes to fix the drawings taking care to remove the excess of the product. In the end, with a perfectly clean trowel, pull the product until you get the desired gloss and brilliance. 

Additional Product: 

WAX : Polishing and water repellent wax in paste. Special protective product in form of a waterproof gloss wax for Granotone venetian Plaster. This coat is highly recommended for the optimum finish of the Granotone venetian Plaster. 

Dilution: Ready to use 

Application: Apply with a stainless-steel spatula with rounded edges, used for cutting. It should be applied in thin layers to one or more hands. Although self-polishing, it is advisable to uniform the shine with a dry woolen cloth.  Approximate yield:  ~ 0.020 kg / m2 


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