Granotone Top Coat Furniture Protector Matte 200 ML

Rs. 500

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Granotone top coat dries to a matte finish and is ideal as a topcoat sealer for those
High traffic surfaces such tabletops, seats, And doors because it only contains 100%
Acrylic resin. Granotone top coat, which Distinguishes itself from the competition
By using only non-yellowing acrylic, is a Genuine non-yellowing clear top coat.

Since it dries so quickly, use minimally and Move quickly! Do not apply to the same
Place more than twice or three times. For a smooth, even finish, we advise using
A fine microfiber applicator pads.

Let the surface to cure for 24 hours before Applying if it has just been painted. Apply
two coatings, allowing 2-4 hours between Each, for best longevity. Longer drying
Times could be needed in humid Environments.

Tip: Imperfections may stand out more when applied to darker col-ours. For a perfect finish, it Is best to sand down any flaws in between coats.

When using Top Coat, make sure to gently mix It by rolling it around because the matting agent And other ingredients could sink to the bottom. Avoid excessive shaking as this may leave air Bubbles in your piece that are challenging to Remove after application. If your work develops Bubbles, just brush the bubbles out by removing any extra Top Coat from your brush. As you Use Top Coat it will start to dry out. Avoid focusing too much time on one area to prevent brush strokes. Never back brush (usually no longer than 30 Seconds).

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