GRANOTONE Floor Paint (Peacock Blue)

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Granotone Floor Paint is specially made to beautify the outdoor floor tiles and protect them from any fungal growth. It can be applied to outdoor floor tiles, paver blocks, cement tiles in driveways and walkways. It has a blend based on polyurethane and acrylic polymers which produce systems with outstanding abrasion, impact, and chemical resistance coupled with a high degree of flexibility.

 Its micro-porous property allows the substrate to breathe, unlike solvent-based systems. It is produced to a silk sheen for maximizing light reflectivity whilst retaining easy to clean, nonslip characteristics and reduction of glare. Adhesion to the subfloor is not affected due to moisture, as it is a breathable water-based system unlike its counterpart solvent-based systems and is available in different shades.


Advanced Polymer-Based Formula: Elevate your flooring experience with GRANOTONE’s cutting-edge blend of polyurethane and acrylic polymers, meticulously engineered to provide a superior bond, ensuring longevity and sustained aesthetics for your floors.

Tailored for Cemented Surfaces in Light Traffic Areas: Specifically formulated for cemented surfaces, GRANOTONE Floor Paint offers optimal results when applied in areas with light foot traffic, ensuring both the beauty and longevity of your coated spaces.

Anti-Slip for Added Safety: Prioritize safety without sacrificing aesthetics. Our floor paint is designed with anti-slip properties, minimizing the risk of accidents, and ensuring every step taken on your floors is secure and confident.

Seal and Protect with Ease: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, our floor paint doubles as a concrete sealer, providing an added layer of protection against moisture, stains, and other deteriorative elements, preserving the integrity of your floors.

Application Made Simple: Enjoy the ease and convenience of applying our floor paint, boasting a consistency that ensures smooth, even coverage, allowing both professionals and DIY enthusiasts to achieve flawless results.

Soft Sheen Finish for Lasting Curb Appeal: Experience the distinctive soft sheen finish of our Floor Paint, designed exclusively for exterior surfaces. Its luxurious touch elevates outdoor spaces, complementing a wide range of architectural styles, making every exterior surface gleam with enduring charm.

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