Double Boiled Linseed Oil (500 ml)

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Hari Industries brings the GRANOTONE Double Boiled Linseed Oil for you.

Our linseed oil is naturally extracted from the flax seeds and it is one of the good quality wood finishes, it saturates deep into the wood grain to protect against scratches and changes in humidity. It produces a satin finish that brings out the color and grain of the wood underneath. Boiled Linseed Oil improves the flow, leveling, and durability of oil-based paints and adds a nice gloss to the final finish. This oil is also used in oil-based paints and varnishes.

Application Areas:

  • Sports goods like a cricket bat
  • Crack filling of marble and other stones
  • Mixing with wall putty
  • Wood Coatings
  • Paints
  • Polishing

About Brand:

At Hari Industries, we remain committed to the vision of our founder Mr. Hari Om Singhal when he started his paint company in 1984: producing the highest-quality paints, Multicolor Paints, waterproofing’s, Texture Paints, Linseed Oils and many more quality products in the industry, and delivering them directly to our customers.

  • GRANOTONE DOUBLE BOILED LINSEED OIL: Hari Industries brings the Granotone boiled linseed oil which has gone through a vacuum cooking process at a very high temperature, which increases its viscosity and shortens its drying time, reduces the possibility of a sticky finish. The quick-drying ability helps to provide a quality finish for wood furniture
  • GOOD QUALITY WOOD POLISH OIL: Our wood finishing oil is naturally extracted from the flax seeds that help to give the waterproof, elastic, and wear-resistant finish. This flaxseed oil saturates deep into the wood grain to protect against scratches and changes in humidity, restores and enhances natural wood tones and grain patterns of wood
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL LINSEED OIL FOR PAINTING: Linseed oil is an ideal polishing agent on wooden substrates. It has several other applications such as it is used for sports goods made of wood like cricket bats, coating on bare walls before applying paint, mixing with wall putty for enhanced strength, and filling cracks of marbles and other granite rocks, etc.
  • SUITABLE WITH EVERY WOOD TYPE: Our linseed oil for wood is suitable for all types of wood (except exterior oak). It is also ideal for terracotta tiles, concrete, and other stone items to provide an attractive, subtle, and glossy finish. Fast-drying, usually within 8-12 hours depending on conditions
  • EASY APPLICATION: For ease of application dilute the first few coats of furniture oil with turpentine. Rub well into the wood using a lint-free cotton cloth. After about 20 minutes, wipe off the excess with a clean lint-free cloth. Repeat the previous steps once or twice at 12-hour intervals. Apply a final coat of Boiled Linseed Oil, again wiping off any excess. Allow this final coat to harden before use.

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