Granotone Acrylic Colour, 500 ml, Art and Craft Paint, DIY Paint, Rich Pigment, Non-Craking Paint for Canvas, Wood, Leather, Earthenware, Metal

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GRANOTONE Artist's Acrylic colours are an advanced water-base fast drying acrylic with high opacity. Relief texture can be obtained by the application of thick paint with a palette knife and large areas can be built up without any fear of cracking. Applicable on various substrates like wood, canvas, metal, gypsum, Terracotta, leather, stone, paper, concrete wall and cloth.

  • VIBRANT SHADES - The paint offers vibrant shades that are new and lively, giving your artwork a radiant and bright appearance. You can experiment with the same colour by mixing and matching different hues to create new hues.
  • QUICK-DRYING - The colours are created in a way that, once applied to a surface, they swiftly dry off and, once fully dried, turn dense and bright.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL ACRYLIC PAINT: Our acrylic craft paint is distinctively designed for multiple surfaces. You can use it as canvas paint, wall paint, glass paint, ceramic paint, wood paint, metal paint, fabric paint, and more. Ideal for professional artists, painting beginners, hobby painters, kids, friends, students, and anyone who enjoys art painting.
  • EASY TO USE AND STORE: This acrylic paint for canvas comes in a bottle makes it easy to take off the color on the palettes while applying the paint to art paintings. The sturdy bottle with an air-tight cover makes it easy to store without any mess.
  • MAKE BEAUTIFUL SHADES WITH GOOD COVERAGE: These acrylic art paints have a thick, smooth, and creamy consistency that is accurately pigmented producing true, consistent shades. You can also blend the acrylic paints to produce an array of unlimited shades for any craft project. Ideal gift for art enthusiasts, painters, students, etc.

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