Acrylic Artist's Varnish - High Gloss

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Acrylic Artists' Varnish - High Gloss by Granotone

Elevate your artwork with Granotone's Acrylic Artists' Varnish - High Gloss. Tailored for artists seeking the best acrylic varnish for paintings, our product ensures that your masterpieces are protected while showcasing a radiant, mirror-like finish.

Why Choose Granotone's High Gloss Acrylic Varnish?

  • Brilliant Finish: Our varnish offers a high-gloss sheen, making colors pop and bringing life to every brushstroke.
  • Protection: Designed with artists in mind, our formula provides UV resistant protection, ensuring that your artwork remains safe from harmful rays that can fade colors over time.
  • Versatile: Whether you're working on crafts, furniture, or canvases, our varnish is the ideal choice. Wondering about "acrylic varnish for outdoor use"? Ours is crafted to withstand the elements.
  • Easy Application: Our smooth consistency ensures an even coat, whether you prefer brush-on or are searching for the perfect acrylic varnish spray.
  • Non-Yellowing: No artist wants their artwork's beauty to diminish. Our non-yellowing formula ensures lasting clarity.

How to Use:

  1. Preparation: Before applying, ensure the artwork is dry and free from dust.
  2. Application: With a soft brush, apply a thin layer. For those curious about "how to apply acrylic varnish with a spray", dilute as per our recommended ratio.
  3. Drying Time: Our quick-drying formula ensures your artwork is touch-dry in 30 minutes and fully set in 24 hours.


  • Is Acrylic Varnish Waterproof?
    Yes, our formula offers water-resistant protection, making it suitable even for humid environments.
  • Acrylic Varnish vs. Polyurethane - Which is better?
    While both have their merits, acrylic varnish is specifically tailored for artworks, ensuring color vibrancy and protection.
  • Can I Use This Varnish on Wood?
    Absolutely! Our acrylic varnish is versatile and can be applied to both artwork and wooden surfaces, enhancing the natural grain with a glossy finish.
  • How Many Coats Do I Need to Apply?
    For most artworks, a single coat provides ample protection and shine. However, for pieces exposed to high traffic or frequent handling, two coats may be beneficial.
  • Does the Varnish Alter the Color of the Paint?
    No, our Acrylic Artists' Varnish - High Gloss is designed to enhance the vibrancy of colors without altering their original hue.
  • Is the Varnish Safe to Use Indoors?
    Yes, our formula is low-odor and safe for indoor use. However, we always recommend working in a well-ventilated area.
  • How Long Should I Wait After Painting to Apply the Varnish?
    Ensure your artwork is fully dry before applying the varnish. For acrylic paints, it's typically recommended to wait at least 24-48 hours. However, drying times can vary based on the thickness of the paint and environmental conditions.
  • Can I Mix This Varnish with Paints or Mediums?
    While our varnish is designed primarily as a finishing coat, some artists mix it with acrylic paints or mediums to achieve specific effects. Always conduct a small test before applying it to the entire artwork.


Customer Reviews:



5.0 out of 5 stars Works fine. Didn't spoil the painting.

Reviewed in India on 21 April 2022

Style Name: 100 ML X 2 (HIGH GLOSS & MATT)Verified Purchase

I was little apprehensive about this product due to comments like - it spoiled the painting.
But it worked fine for me.
My acrylic painting didn't get smudged. I was very careful as this is my 1st acrylic painting. I applied the gloss varnish 4 days after finishing the painting. Took small amounts, and didn't add any water or other solvent. Colors used - Camel. Pictures show difference between no varnish(1st painting) and varnished(2nd painting).
Good glossy look.

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Priyanka D.


Not too glossy. It's an average product